The world’s heart beats to one universal rhythm. Strength is within the joined memories.

International Rhythm

What do you consider the international rhythm or what I call Universal Beat?

All music genres are by nature not bound by their geography even though their roots and influences are strongly tied the culture of a nation.

In today’s modern world those geographical boundaries have lifted and we now live in a truly global society. 

Beats & Rhythms are what define a music at its core, and this is why now I consider all music to be an ‘International Rhythm’.

Sonic Producer or Reason - it doesn’t matter your choice. The beats are there for you to build, create, sample & manipulate to form your own music.

Music from your soul. Music from your international soul.

The World is Music.

Each person draws their influences from many quarters. We seek enlightenment in music around the world, and the world brings life to us.The simple sounds of a percussion troupe in South America vs the elaborate dance of Bhangra from India. The Panoramic Recordings of the world is our way forward.

Solidarity Music - The Solidarity Concert

Strength in Solidarity

What ever music - we have strength in solidarity

So this is a rare type of music blog in that it shows the strength in solidarity. That is we can stand alone and be strong in the face of the huge record companies churning up the charts.

We as individuals do not need the charts. We do not need numbers, we have our own strength in our music, we are our own people, we are ourselves, and we have strength in solidarity in our music.